Benefits of our RQ+ Idler (HDPE)

The RQ+ roller of Repa Conveyor Equipment sets a new standard in the world of HDPE rollers. The RQ+ rollers can be delivered directly from our stock. Different dimensions are available on request.

Repa Conveyor Equipment has its own test environment. Our RQ+ roller has also been tested in this environment.

The dust test:

In this setup, the dust test is performed on our RQ+ roller. After 200 hours non-stop running, there was absolutely no dust detected in the grease of the bearing.

The water test:

During the water test, we let the RQ+ roller run for 72 hours continuously while water was sprayed on the sealing. After those 72 hours, there was absolutely no water in the labyrinth sealing and the HDPE tube.

The rolling resistance:

Also, the rolling resistance of the RQ+roller is measured. This is done at a speed of 600 rev /min with a radial load of250N.The measured rolling resistance was only 0.96N.

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RQ+ Idler (HDPE)

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