The best-functioning steering roller that you can buy is our RE-Track steering roller, our RE-Track has proven its excellent steering performance without exception in the Mine, Cement, Bulk and Steel industries.

The RE-TRACK belt guiding roller can be applied in conveyor systems with two belt directions and is available up to a belt width of 2400mm.

In case your conveyor belt has control issues and runs skewed, there are several solutions.The most common and popular solution is mounting a belt steering return roller. Unfortunately this application is suitable for just one belt direction and only works if your belt is running significantly skewed. The side guiding rollers will also increase considerably the wear of your conveyor belt.

Our RE-TRACK is steering the belt in a different way. When the belt alignment is going to run skewed, the RE-TRACK, with his unique crowned surface, divides the pressure disproportionately over the belt. As a result, most of the pressure is going to that specific side of your belt, that needs correction the most. Your belt is running smooth with a minimum deviation, within seconds. Our RE-TRACK means less wear on the belt, is easy to install, also on existing plants and is applicable in two belt directions.

RE-TRACK specifications

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Belt widthØ include hot vulcanized rubber laggingRollerlength mmShaftlength mm

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