All the pulleys can be equipped with a vulcanized rubber lagging, with or without diamond profile. Repa Conveyor Equipment can deliver these pulleys at highly competitive prices.

A few points to underline the high quality of our pulleys.

We always machine a chamber in the tubes of the pulleys before we mount and weld the shields.

  • Before the shields in the tube are welded, the pulleys shall be adjusted first in the oven to be pre-heated. After the welding, we cool down the pulley controlled. This is the only way to guarantee a high weld quality.
  • All our pulleys are balanced before we shipped them to our costumers.
  • We have the possibiltiy in our own factory to deliver the pulleys including a hot vulcanized rubber lagging. We use standard nature rubber for it because of the high friction and the high resistance against a lot of chemical. A diamond profile or a costume made profile, everthing is possible.

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