Conveyors for every application.

SQ+ Idler

The SQ+ roller is our standard idler for DIN standardized idler stations. The SQ+ rollers can be delivered directly from our stock.

HQ Idler

The HQ roller (DIN / CEMA) of Repa Conveyor Equipment is specially designed for all your high demanding installations.

RQ+ Idler (HDPE)

The RQ+ roller of Repa Conveyor Equipment sets a new standard in the world of HDPE rollers. Different dimensions are available on request.

CE-TRACK Custom Made

The CE-TRACK is a self aligning conveyor belt tracking system. The CE-TRACK rollers can be delivered directly from our stock.


Repa Conveyor Equipment is the supplier for all your pulleys. We can deliver almost every conceivable dimension.

Idler Stations

Repa Conveyor Equipment is not only specialized in default idler stations. Repa is also the supplier for all of special and custom made idler stations.


The CE-TRACK-ADJ is an adjustable , 3-part belt tracker with some unique features.


The best-functioning steering roller that you can buy is our RE-Track steering roller. Our RE-Track has proven its excellence in the Mine, Cement, Bulk and Steel industries.


Repa Conveyor Equipment isn’t only specialised in idlers, pulleys and idler stations. Repa is also the supplier for complete constructions. If you have the drawing, we can supply it!

Belt Covers

Repa Conveyor Equipment is also supplier of all kind of belt covers. At this moment we have 4-different cover closing systems.

Intern Transport

Repa Conveyor Equipment can help you with your intern transport solution. Contact us to discuss your project.